Abecma: Introduction, Prescription, Intake, Side Effects, Doses, Precautions, Interactions

What is Abecma?

Abecma is a medicine made up of the patient’s own white blood cells.  The medicine is made by genetically modifying the white blood cells to identify and attack your multiple myeloma cells.

After the modification, the cell is once again fused back into the patient.

What are the common conditions in which Abecma prescribed?

The medicine is used to treat multi myeloma cells in patients who have received at least four kinds of treatment regiments that have stopped working or not worked at all on them.

How should I take Abecma?

Abecma can only be given by a healthcare expert. Since, this medicine is made up of white blood cells, your blood will be collected.

The process of collecting your blood will be leukapheresis. Then after, your blood will be sent to the experts to make your Abecma.

Before you receive your medicine, your health professional will ready your body for three days by the process of chemotherapy. It may take 4 weeks to prepare your Abecma at the processing centre from the day they receive your blood.

The Abecma will be infused into your veins through a catheter.

You may receive your dose in one or two infusion bags. An infusion bag can take up to 30 minutes of infusion. Hereafter, you will be monitored for 7 days by the doctor after the day of infusion.

There can be several side effects of this medication. So, you should stay alert and cautious of your situation. You should not exert too much pressure on your body or mind.

When you should not take Abecma?

You should thoroughly discuss the possible side effects and pros and cons of the treatment with your doctor.

Not just this, you must consult your doctor about your health and medicine history. This will help your doctor ascertain the possible risk of drug- drug interaction.

A person suffering from any major disease like diabetes, heart problems, blood pressure or has gone through any surgery recently should let their doctor know about it.

Take care to discuss everything with your doctor and then decide about the therapy.

What are the possible side effects of Abecma?

Abecma can have immediate side effects on your body. Dizziness, fatigue, headache, confusion, cough and nausea.

Be sure to talk to your doctor about it when you feel any side effect. Though dizziness and confusion are very common side effects, you should be skepticle about every reaction in your body and repot it to your doctor.

Cytokine release syndrome or CRS is a very common side effect that be proved to be fatal to your body.

Fever, breathing difficulties, nausea, fast heartbeat and low blood pressure can be the indicators of CRS. Inform your doctor immediately when you experience any of these.

Other than these, Abecma can cause severe infection in your body or may cause a false positive HIV result.

What to do if I miss the dose?

You should know about your illness and the treatment you are going through. Missing on Abecma dose can be life-threatening action for you.

Make sure you visit the hospital on time, give your blood, receive chemotherapy and then receive your Abecma dose on time. It is your responsibility to take the dose on time because it is your life. Be cautious of the dosage time and get infused your Abecma.

Common Drug Interaction with Abecma.

The medicine doesn’t really have any drug interaction. However, a person must be cautious about their medical history and present medications.

Do let your doctor know if you are consuming any vitamin or supplements and drugs.

Bottom Line

Abecma is a treatment for multi myeloma in patients who have failed to accrue any benefits from at least four treatment regiments. It has a generic name of Idecabtagene Vicleucel. This medicine is made up of the patient’s own white blood cells.

Abecma is infused inside the veins. The process is carried in the hospital. Therefore, be responsible to take your doses and be cautious about the side effects.

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